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Monday, August 22, 2011

Working for the Weekend!

This weekend was outstanding!  I wanted to spend it with friends & family taking advantage of all the great things to do in NEO (North Eastern Ohio). We visited 2 new beaches, I ran, biked & swam and went back to the '80's for a friend's birthday party. 

Today was icing on the cake!  I am a huge fan of Jennifer Hutt --I listen to her radio show & visit her site (Justjenny.com)  She is smart, funny & very inspirational.  One feature of her site I love is called Tales from the Treadmill where she invites questions & then responds to them on the treadmill.  Last week I posted a question & she responded this weekend!

Check it out: Jennifer Hutt's tales-from-the-treadmill

What about you? Do you have any questions for me?  If so post them here and I will respond via video.

Have a great week everyone!