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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Time Is On My Side

30 Days done
& the BIG 4-0 is Around the Corner!

Run Coach App I downloaded is great!   Accurate, easy to use, plus I don't need to carry a piece of paper with me for my training schedule.  http://www.runningmethod.com/ - check it out.

St. Malachi race is on 3/12.  Looking forward to this race.  This year I am actually training for the F*$@ Hills!  Come help me start the 40th birthday & St. Patrick's Day celebration.  Sign up here: http://www.hermescleveland.com/

Cleveland 1/2 Marathon 5/15.  3 weeks into the training plan.  Why is running so hard for me?  It was only this week that I really enjoyed a run.  5 miles felt fantastic.  All other runs up to this point have felt shitty! 

Thus my new mantra:  Get Comfortable with being Uncomfortable - it keeps repeating in my head during challenging runs or days when I am nervous about writing a new blog entry.  It reminds me of  what Eleanor Roosevelt said "You must do the thing you think you cannot do”.  I LOVE that! 

To achieve all I want to this year, I am going to need to embrace discomfort!