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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Challenge - Tri, Tri Again!

My hope was to register and compete in a triathlon this weekend.  I did some training, never registered & will not compete.  I have way too many excuses to list here. 

I know I can't expect to complete each challenge successfully this year....and I don't like that reality!  It makes me crazy when I decide to do something  but don't follow through.    

So rather than obsessing about it, I am going to "TRI" a new route to complete this challenge.  I found a women's only Triathlon in Ohio that raises money for Susan G. Komen, takes place in 1 month & the lengths are reasonable.  I know I can find time to train for it and I am sure I can finish it.

If you are in Ohio come and join me! 

Here is the link:  Ohio Women's Triathlon for the Cure