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Monday, September 26, 2011

Raise $ & Awareness

We attended the Wine for the Sole fundraiser for Girls With Sole (click this link to learn more). Girls With Sole use fitness and wellness to empower the minds, bodies and souls of girls who have experienced abuse of any kind or who are at risk.

Listen to what 1 of the young girls wrote about her participation in the program:

"My life is like a race. I'm always running toward the goal but never looking back. because the things that lurk behind shouldn't slow you down or keep you back. your mind might tell you can't go on but your heart will always beat and believe, so move on.  For LIFE is just the beginning of a LONG race!   I'm glad I never let people stop me from believing, I'm glad i pushed myself to greater things, I'm a runner with a lot of guts, Ill never stop, never ever."

This quote will keep me motivated for a long time.  Here is a challenge for all of us - find ways to help support young women we know or don't know to be positive & achieve their goals.

Have a great week everyone!