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I am a mother of 2, wife, daughter and big sister celebrating her 40th year.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Progress Report

I am taking advantage of this quiet post Halloween night to write about what I have learned during my first 8 months of being 40:

  1. Blogging is more difficult than I thought! 
  2. Tough experiences are often the most rewarding
  3. People can be very supportive, if you let them
  4. Goals keep me focused and feeling satisfied
  5. To be the best person I can be, I need to challenge myself emotionally, intellectually, socially - not just physically
  6. I am not the same person that I was in my 20's (pictures from college will prove that I am in much better shape today!)
  7. Changes in my language changed my attitude and outlook.  Rather than saying I have to run for 10 miles I say I get to run for 10 miles.  I get about 2 hours to be alone & be outside. 
  8. Baby steps are better than no steps
  9. We should celebrate ourselves more than just 1 time per year