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I am a mother of 2, wife, daughter and big sister celebrating her 40th year.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

New Challenge! Be a Better....

In a quest to challenge my brain as much as my body during my 40th year I have been reading more and looking for opportunities to participate in as many developmental programs as I can.  Over the past month I received my ESCI (Emotional & Social Competency Inventory or 360) accreditation from CWRU and was lucky enough to hear Dr. Marshall Goldsmith speak.   

Dr. Goldsmith is recognized as one of the leading Executive Coaches and Educators in the country.  He challenged us to ask 1 question to the people who are most important to us (at home & at work): 


So I did it.  I've not asked everyone yet.  Let's be honest it is a scary question to ask.  I started with the ones that I hope love me the most....my daughters and husband.  So here it is - the ugly truth. 

I can be a better mother and wife by not getting so stressed out.  I stress them out! 
My youngest daughter added that I can be a better mother by not telling her the same thing (to do) over and over and over again.

Ok that is fair.  We had just come home from my youngest daughter's swim meet and I did tell her 25 times to be sure to touch the wall with 2 hands or she would be disqualified!  I own it.  I can be a ball of stress and I can take it out on my dear family.

Dr. Goldsmith said that the only reply we can give to these answers are "THANK YOU".  I have to tell you that was the hardest part.  I wanted to explain why or defend my actions, but I could not.  I only said "Thank you and I will work on that".

I can't think of  2 more important challenges to achieve during my 40th year.  Any suggestions on where to begin?