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Thursday, September 15, 2011


Training for the Tri-For the Cure (this weekend) went very well.  I am happy with my progress & can't wait for the race.  During all my time alone (on the run, bike or swim) I thought about Jennifer Hutt's challenge: to look inside myself & confront something that I want to change. 

$@!! where to begin?

I choose being more flexible.  This is not just about  being a control freak, but its my resistance to change plans, to try something new or to go with the flow.  A great example- its Sat and I have my goals for the day  and one of the kids will ask if she can have a friend over.  My initial reaction is no.  That does not meet any of my goals...

Why?  Why do I say no?  What difference does it make?  Most often I say YES, but its slow & sometimes hard to get there. 

There are certain places and times when I want to be in control and other when I do not want to be in charge at all!  Can anyone relate? 

So I've taken the first step.  I admit that I have a problem.  Now I need to decide what I want to do about it.  Suggestions are welcome!