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Monday, March 12, 2012

Challenge Complete - Travel to a New State & Paddle-board

Big Island of HI

Christmas vacation enabled me to complete 2 challenges in 1!  

It was my first trip to Hawaii and the farthest west I had ever traveled.  I was so impressed by the diverse environment.  We saw snow capped mountains, a rain forest, lava fields and black sand beaches.  There was so much to explore, historic sites and great adventures to experience. One thing that I confirmed about myself during my 40th year is that I LOVE to travel.  Some people at the end of a trip say "Don't you want to get back home?" "Don't you want to sleep in your own bed?"  I don't always answer honestly, because most of the time I am thinking "NO!  My bed aint that nice".  Needless to say 40 has been very good to me- it brought me to Italy, Washington DC, Florida and Hawaii!  

Paddle-boarding with the Kids
Initially my hope was to surf on this trip, but the December currents and winds were too strong so I opted for paddle-boarding. I really enjoyed it and got an amazing full body workout!  You get cardio, balance and strength training.  Plus it provided an great viewpoint above the water.  We saw eels, sea turtles and dozens of tropical fish! 

CRUSH (Dude!)
 We were very lucky to have been able to take such a fantastic trip.  
I thank JB for all his hard work & airline miles to make it a dream come true!